EMT-B Flashcards for the iPhone and iPad - NOW UPDATED for FilemakerPro 12

Are you taking an EMT class? Are you trying to get refreshed for the NREMT exam? Are you rusty and interested in sharpening your medical knowledge? If you have an iPhone or iPad and need help learning the EMT-B curriculum, then this software has been prepared with just you in mind.

When I was taking an EMT class and learning the material I prepared hundreds of paper index cards that I used to learn and drill on the many areas tested in my class and on the NREMT exam. My handwriting is terrible, and I was frustrated carrying around this bundle of cards. That's when I thought about typing up all the notes and creating an iPhone application that could serve the same purpose.

Features include:
Preloaded with over 650 cards organized by medical category
Supports both text and graphic questions and answers
Mark cards for exclusion as you learn them to focus on just those areas where you need more work
Add your own cards or edit mine
Select cards by category so you can begin using the stack on day 1 of your class
randomize the order so you are more challenged with the material
Search for cards by keyword
Operates on both iPhone or iPad - Now available for PC and MAC too!

Simple ONE BUTTON operation. We implemented the "Next Step" button to act as the primary interface element. This one tap knows where you are, and knows where to go. If you are on a question screen, tapping the "Next Step" button shows you the answer to that question. If you are already on an answer screen, the "next Step" button takes you to the next question in the stack.

How the program works:

iEMT FlashCard is a database of questions and answers that are displayed and manipulated on your computer, iPhone or iPad using the wildly popular Filemaker Go program. To use the program, you'll need a number of elements:

For the iPad/iPhone:
iTunes - you'll need this to download the Filemaker Go program from the app store as well as to transfer the iEMTFlashCard data you tour iPhone or iPad. Don't worry FilemakerGo is free!

Filemaker Go - This is a fully featured filemaker environment for your iPhone or iPad. I did not write it, and you'll need it to manipulate the iEMTFlashCard data. Good news is it is FREE - you get it from the Apple iTunes app store.

iEMT FlashCard - the actual interface and data that is the content you are interested in for learning the EMT curriculum. You pay for and download this program from this web site.

For your PC or MAC computer
iEMT FlashCard - If you don't have an iPhone or iPad it's even simpler - just download the EMT Flashcard program from this site and install it. No extra software or registrations required. Once you've paid the incredibly low cost of $9.95 , you'll get.zip file to download to your computer. Download the file, then uncompress it. Create a shortcut to launch it and away you go!

Screen shots:

Here is a photo of the main screen. You can see there is a tab for the question and a HANDY "Next Step" button. You read the question, formulate the answer in your head, then click the NEXT STEP button and the answer will be displayed.

Convenient buttons at the bottom of the screen permit you to navigate to previous and next cards or to move quickly through the stack. You can also edit cards on the fly, or add new cards to the deck.

Then you can tap on the NEXT STEP button to go to the next question, or if you got the answer right and you don't want to be quizzed on this question again during this session, tap on the EXCLUDE button and then proceed. You can cycle through the current selection of cards as often as you like, but the excluded cards will be skipped.

On the settings tab you can adjust controls which permit you to:

a) Restrict the cards included in the current deck to one of the many categories or select all categories

b) Randomize the order the cards are presented in so you can be sure you are really learning the material

c) Revert to the natural order - or first order entered to more easily find a specific question.

Use the convenient Quick search function to find all cards that contain your search phrase (in either the question or answer fields)

Help is just a quick tap away. The program operation is simple, but should you need assistance, there is a brief help screen that describes all the program functions.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

PC and MAC versions now available for EMT Flashcards

Following up on requests from our community, considering the budget limitations of many EMT-B students, and recognizing that there are many computing platforms besides the iPhone and iPad, we are exited to announce the release of a version of the populated EMT Flashcard program for both the MAC and the PC.

These programs both come included with a runtime version of FilemakerPro, so no additional software is required to operate the over 650 index cards chock full of EMT vocabulary, anatomy, and medical emergency assessment background. (You may recall that the iPhone/iPad app requires that you also purchase the Filemaker Go program for $20.00)

For the introductory price of just $9.95 you'll get the whole application, with no additional membership fees, registration fees or hidden costs. You can add your own cards to the deck, modify or delete our questions and answers. Just look for the appropriate Buy Now button on the right side of the page.

The MAC version will run on any MAC with OS 10.4 and beyond.
The PC version will run on any windows version from XP and beyond.
No extraordinary hardware requirements.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why isn't the EMT Flashcard databse available in the Appple App store?

Apple charges over $90 to submit an application for the app store. Being a very small time developer, I wanted to save money. Also, Apple will only consider things for the app store that are written in their native code base. The EMT flashcard program I created was produced using FileMaker Pro and the real engine behind the thing IS sold in the Apple app store. Its called Filemaker Go.

However, Filemaker Go in and of itself is empty - a container awaiting filling. I produced the interface using FileMakerPro, and "publish" it using Filemaker Go. The actual file will work if opened in any version of Filemaker Pro after version 8, including 9, 10, and 11 and well as Filemaker Go for the iPhone and iPad. So, you do not need to worry about "jailbreaking" your iPhone in order to use the EMT Flashcard program for iPhone and iPad. The file I am distributing is totally legitimate.

In the near future I will be posting a runtime version of the program that will work on a PC or a MAC and I will price it the same ($9.95) but you won't need to purchase Filemaker Go to use it. It will work on its own on a PC or MAC computer.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What are some example questions and answers in the card deck?

Here are some examples of the questions and associated answers from the card deck. Some questions have an answer as a diagram but most have answers as text.

A: No known drug allergies

A:inability to produce or understand speech; a left hemisphere effect; (receptive aphasia - not understand)(expressive aphasia - not speak appropriately)

Q: What is the perfusion picture of COPD?
A: CC: dyspnea, fatigue
brain: ALOC, anxiety
heart: pulse up, BP up
lungs: rapid, shallow breathing, long expirations, wet lung sounds (rales, wheezing)
Skin S: cyanotic, moist (to diaphoretic), cool
Unique: use of accessory muscles, barrel shaped chest

Q: What are the three different types of nerves and what do they do?
A: Sensory – carry a certain type of sensory (eg taste, smell, sight, hear) information to CNS

Motor – carry motion commands from CNS to the muscles

Connecting – allow for a reflex action (not including brain) by connecting motor and sensory nerves directly together

There are 865 questions in the current database split between over 20 categories.

How do I install the program?

Step 1: Go to Apple's iTunes App store and download a free copy of Filemaker Go. Install it on your mobile device.

Step 2: Buy this software ($9.95) - use the Buy Now button on the right side of the screen

Step 3: After downloading the iEMTFlashCard software to your computer, uncompress it (by double clicking on it)and store it in a location you can find again.

Step 4: Use iTunes to copy the uncompressed EMT FlastCards.fmp12 file to your mobile device:

To transfer files from your computer to your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad:
4a. Connect your device to your computer.
4b. In iTunes, select your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad (below Devices), and then click the Apps tab.
4c. Below File Sharing, select an application from the list, and then click Add.
4d. In the window that appears, select a file to transfer, and then click Choose.

The file is transferred to your device, and can be opened in the application you selected in step 3.